System Design Complete! :-)

The design of the system is complete and I am very pleased with the final product. It is powerful while retaining simplicity in its code base. This is a practical software to be used operationally, day to day. It is not just a collection of fancy reports that have no bearing on the reality of running a small municipality. I put a lot of though on the design of the reports to convey useful information while avoiding unnecessary complexity. I’ve also been able to shave off costs for servers etc allowing me to offer basic service for free and thus democratising asset management. This compares to tens of thousands to implement anything near the functionality of the system. I had set out to design a system that was inclusive and I am proud to have accomplished that , allowing small municipalities to access a toolset not otherwise afforded to them. This also builds the platform that will allow me to expand into low-cost sensors & AI. Now comes the marketing which admittedly is not my strength, although I think in time with the quality of work and word of mouth I should be able to reach a significant audience.

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  1. After a quick look around the site, I’m impressed.

    I enjoyed talking to you at the village office today and will be taking some time to explore your site more

    cheers, Roger

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