We’ve successfully eliminated the financial and technical barrier for small municipalities to implement a sophisticated asset management solution through a shared service model. Our model is open source driven, so there is no restrictions on the number of copies or users that can utilize the system.

The reporting uses PowerBI from Microsoft whose desktop download is free while pro edition is reasonably priced. Alternative open source BI solutions are also in development using R, Superset and Metabase as we move towards offering a full open-source stack.

Software Stack

GIS software
Asset Management Software
Web mapping software
App Server Admin & updates
Database Server Admin & updates
BI software
Analytics software

SaaS Service

You can implement the open source stack on your own by accessing the github repository and provisioning your own servers or take advantage of the cost effective SaaS model

Shared Expertise

A municipality lacking resources to hire dedicated asset manager/GIS professional can also avail itself of our shared expertise The shared expertise helps provide:

  1. BI expertise for financial statements & asset reports for council & for public
  2. GIS expertise and support
  3. Quarterly/monthly or more frequent parcel downloads and integration
  4. Annual tax & utility uploads and integration with mapping
  5. Year end financial uploads
  6. Database administration, updates and backup
  7. Data uploads & maintenance
  8. Support for BI, GIS, Data Collect App & Asset Management
  9. Training & public works field application support

Features & Benefits

Business Intelligence for Financials & Asset Management Shared Service
Financial& AM App or web reports for councilIncl.
Public BI Financial reportsIncl.
Live Asset Management PlansIncl.
Cloud hosted, multi-year financial cubeIncl.
Amortization report & working paper exportIncl.
New LGDE Report & Stat Can reportsIncl.
Setup & TrainingIncl.
AM, GIS, Web Mapping Shared Service
Financial uploadsIncl.
Public GIS MapsIncl.
Field data collect appIncl.
QGIS SupportIncl.
Tourism & Trails Interactive MapIncl.
Setup & TrainingIncl.
Cadaster & Utility Integration Shared ServiceIncl.
Parcel Map BC IntegrationIncl.
Quarterly PMBC downloads & ETLIncl.
Tax & Utility data integrationIncl.
Planning draw toolIncl.
Supplementary Apps
Cemetery Mgmt App
More frequent monthly or weekly cadaster updates
Museum Mgmt App

Grassroots Innovation

How were we able to build a solution that costs tens of thousands less?

We built on open source platform leveraging the cloud to provide a standards based tightly integrated solution. The integration makes database management simpler and cloud hosting eliminates worries about software updates & administration. Our data frameworks reflect our philosophy to keep things frugal and practical. Your outside crew will appreciate the simplicity of our field app which won’t get in the way of doing their job. We emphasize decisions base on factual information and not on dubious and costly optimizations .

This social venture was born of necessity of enabling access for small rural and disadvantaged municipalities access to practical and sophisticated asset management with minimal cost. If you are a municipality struggling to implement and effective AM program, come visit Ashcroft and have a look at our implementation and see if it can benefit you.